Four Rays Fleur-de-Lis

Please Be Advised

Energy/massage therapy is alternative care, intended to rebalance the energy field flowing through and surrounding the body. The human body is atomic in structure with receiving and sending capabilities. When the flow of energy becomes blocked by incorrect use of light- substance energy, the body becomes dis-ease or ill-ness, meaning illusions of reality lead to the demise of its host. When light is blocked from performing its duties of sustaining life, death and decay succumb the tree of life within the individual.

The therapist assists the individual in opening the blockage within, allowing light energy to flow. This in-fusement of light transferred from the therapist is intended to assist the individual with opportunities to progress on the path of’ self awareness, seeking greater freedom to control the emotions, thoughts, actions, words and deeds.

The therapist allows his or her heart to release the light necessary to fulfill the desired outcome of transfer. By keeping a hollow mind and emotions the therapist does not transfer his or her own misuse of light substance energy into the individual being assisted. All focus is upon the task at hand which is to transfer love, peace and self healing.

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