Four Rays Fleur-de-Lis

Karma-cause, effect, record and memory-determines the full outcome of each individual session. It has been said and stated every drop of the LAW will be accounted for, meaning the misuse of free will be accounted for. Meaning the misuse of free consciously and unconsciously will be judged accordingly, and the fruit of labor determines Karma.

Karma is the cause, effect,record and memory sequence which determines the destiny and faith of individuals, nations and planetary homes. It has been said and stated as a man or woman soweth, so does he or she reapeth, negative or positive thoughts, emotions, actions, and deeds are recorded within the sub-conscious memory and the four lower bodies of each and all individuals, thus causing many forms of dis-eases and ill- nesses, which transfers from lifetime to lifetime for the soul purpose of transmutation and self-mastery.

Free will of expression: desires, thoughts, actions, words, emotions, and deeds are a gift to treasure. When we misuse our free will with wrong speech, wrong thoughts, wrong desire, wrong emotions and wrong deeds we build negative momentums of energy stored within the etheric body known as the sub-conscious memory.

Each life-stream, human body possesses the atomic capability to expand and maximize light. Every thing is energy, form or unformed, matter and anti-matter, from the smallest (micro) the largest(macro). We must recognize that our thoughts, emotions, actions, desires, words and deeds travel beyond our immediate awareness thus affecting all parts of the whole of Life.

The old saying goes, be careful what you say it may come back to haunt you.