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Recommendations After Your Energy/Massage Session
Warning: It is unacceptable and forbidden to use alcohol and illegal drugs or substances before energy/massage sessions.

Precious Heart,

1) Spend the rest of your day as peaceful as possible. It is essential to maintain the light within you, allowing your inner self to heal.

2) Try drinking a lot water after the session (2-3 glasses immediately after). It is important to maintain 4-7 glasses of water throughout the week and weeks after. The electrons in water accelerate and maintain flowing energy.

3) Breathing exercises are important in allowing the intake of light and the releasing of dense energy within the body. Try this exercise of 4-counts inhale through nostril, hold for 4-counts, exhale through the mouth for 4-counts, hold again for 4-counts. Repeat this exercise 3-9 per breathing sessions. Repeat this process periodically throughout your day and (days of the future as often as possible. While doing the exercise, try to concentrate on your breathing momentums, and be conscious of your efforts.

4) If permitted, stretching exercises are essential in allowing the energy to flow continuously. Inhale and exhale slowly during stretching.

5) Positive affirmations or mantras assist in allowing continuous positive flow of energy within your being, such as I AM Joy, I AM Peace, I AM Light, Light, Light. I AM Perfect Healing Within, I AM Love, I AM...and other inspiring and positive phrases.

6) Avoid dense, negative, and stressful situations. If such situations arise, try to respond peacefully.

7) If you believe in Heaven , Saints, and Angels carrying a picture of a Holy person or Angel changes your vibration in different places and circumstances. Use pictures of Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Shiva Krishna and many others; choose with your heart.

8) Try to avoid denser colors, such as black, red, orange and grey as much as possible. You will eventually start to feel the difference in body energy.

9) There are many food and beverage groups which ought to be avoided as as possible due to the sedative properties of their nature, such as onions, garlic, chocolate, sugar, red meat, alcohol, any and all drugs (except prescribed by your Doctor).

10) Recommendations for movies: "The Vision", "Man of all Seasons", "Tree of Life", "Peaceful Warrior", "Conversation with God", "Indigo Children", "The Last Mimzy "Powder", "The Last Samurai", "The Notebook", "Little Buddha", "10 Questions to Dalai Lama", "Celestial Prophesy", "The Ride", "Teresa from Calcutta", and other spiritual movies.

11) Choose wisely from this day on.

12) Take accountability and responsibility for every ounce of energy you receive daily.

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