Four Rays Fleur-de-Lis

Eli it’s my honor to experience your presence and care. I’m grateful for the dedicated service you bring to each one of your clients. As a client, I have had the opportunity to grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. This is due in part to your diligence, dedication, and insight. I’m grateful for the appropriate times when you assist and find it necessary and needed to help guide me on my journey. I’m grateful for your meridian alignment and deep tissue sessions. I’m grateful that the universe gave you such gifts to assist humanity in need. I have come to realize we are all teachers; it is the student who must decipher the teaching and recognized the teacher. Thank You! K. Mitchum

I enjoy massage therapy and before meeting Eligija have worked with several very good professionals.  After hearing numerous great reviews of Eligija’s work, I decided to schedule a therapy session with her, and certainly expected a high quality, professional massage from someone who knows what she’s doing.  Despite the high expectations, as soon as I entered Eligija’s room, I knew I was dealing with something special.  Even though it’s hard to describe in words, I felt peace and calmness even before Eligija started her session.  Right after my first therapy, I realized what that very special feeling I experienced with Eligija was.  I didn’t realize, that in addition to the corrective therapy for your back (and other parts of the body), massage can be also a spiritual experience. I’ve always had the mindset that if I didn’t see something, I couldn’t believe it, so it took me some time to realize that the way we feel physically often depends on our emotional and spiritual health.  Now I see that sometimes it’s even hard to say what comes first.  If we don’t have balance between these three components, we may feel physically sick, or experience all kind of psychosomatic pains.  I can now say for sure, that Eligija’s therapy can help to bring back this important balance.  It did for me.  Each time I leave Eligija’s office, I feel happier, calmer and very peaceful.  In other words, Eligija’s therapy helps me feel better spiritually, emotionally and physically.  I find Eligija a unique specialist, who, in addition to our physical selves, can heal spiritual and emotional selves as well.  She can really “hear you,” and she always knows your condition and what’s best for you today.  Even though I’ve been going to Eligija for over two years, I can say that I didn’t have two identical therapies with her – each gave me what I needed at that moment.  When I told her that, she wasn’t surprised as our conditions are always different, thus the treatment should be different as well.  I feel very lucky that after being exposed to many wonderful specialists, I’ve finally met a very unique and spiritual professional massage therapist - Eligija. Love, Lena

After each massage, I feel wonderful. My mood is automatically raised, I feel more at ease and balanced with my life. It is a pleasurable part of my routine and a highlight of my week I look forward to everyday. My low back pain has subsided because of my weekly massage. Daniel L.

Ellie is an unique massage therapist- she gives you a part of herself, you feel as if a part of her inner energy moves into you and heels you.I worked with a lot of massage therapists and usually ,even with the best ones,it's just physical contact. But if you want something more spiritual, you can get it from Ellie, but you must be ready for that and concentrate on your massage. Good Luck, Eli. Rachel

I used to have many problems with my low back pain, but these massages have greatly reduced my pain and brought me relaxation and harmony in my life.These massages given me inner strength, peace and courage. Thank you! Marina L.

I had many massage therapy sessions with Eligija and my experience was great every time! I received relaxation, comfort and also healing, both physical and spiritual. You walk in expecting a massage session and you leave feeling like your day had just started, energized in a peaceful and spiritually nurtured way. She provides an environment where you feel at home, you feel like you belong there and you are in good hands. You go in to meet with your innerself while your body is relieved from tension and stress.  I received from Eli thorough care, healing, comfort and relaxation. What's amazing about Eli is that she gives you all her energy and passion, all her dedicated attention and care, all the time! After each therapy session with Eli I felt like I received more than I could have asked for! I give all my gratitude and appreciation to Eli for the many times she enabled me to escape from the distractions of every day life, unwind and invigorate my body and my soul. I recommended Eli to my friends and family and I will continue to do so!  Michelle, Des Plaines, IL

In my busy schedule, I try to come for a massage as often as possible. The feeling during and after these unique experiences leaves me feeling rejuvenated and ready to continue throughout the day. I feel connected throughout my body and mind, and am able to focus more clearly. Thank you for everything! Levsky